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I used this in my game

Amazing bro, btw i use this sfx for my game

Thank you very much

Pasen contexto pls

favila13 -

haha, I love it.

I loved it so much i mixed it into a song :D
but i'm still a noob at music... hope you like it still :)
love your voice acting!
Kitty Fight

Hahaha, I love it. It's chaotic and fun. Thanks for using! <3

That was amazing! looking forward to seeing more content from you soon!oh and please stay safe always!

Show post... HOWWWW

There is an awesome voice. So cute and wonderful!! I loved <3 

Love it. Came here from your profile, but noticed you haven't shared any of your stuff on OGA. Good voice clips are always in demand, there :)

Oh, wow! I was just wondering when I should start posting there! Thanks so much for telling me this! Also, glad you like it. :D