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Hi can i ask for "badly injured" and "death/defeated" for the "type 2" actor here? An email has sent to your gmail, check it out!

Thank you. Your voice makes math exercises a little less boring.

Is commercial use ok for this voice pack? I'm thinking of using this in a game.

in "more information" they a "Asset license" part that say CC0 so yes your good.

Very nice work.



Your voice was just perfect for our main character! Thank you so much. I credited you on our page:

Thanks a lot, excellent works.

Thank you very much

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Love your Voice Acting skills! I’m definitely adding them into my games from now on. I would most likely be willing to do a game collaboration with you as the voice actress for the characters in the game sometime. (if you want to do that, I mean) I would be willing to pitch in some extra funding when I have the extra funds from my Game BGM sales and game sales too. You have quite a talent for capturing the “feelings” behind a female character’s voices. I’m looking forward to your future releases!

~ Kurochan

[Professional Indie Game Dev & Game BGM Composer]

Thank you for your kind words! I'd be interested in doing this if the offer still stands. Feel free to contact me @cicifyre on Twitter or on Discord @ Cyn#3479

I cannot add friend by this name you mentioned

Can you add me? my discord is:

Ryan Ye#9728

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I don't know if Santa exists or not, but it's clear that an angel exists.

The type3 works very well with my platformer. Just wish there were more sounds!

I've used your voice pack in my game for a gamejam:

It really fit with the characters of the game!

Hello! I'm Rainbow Studio who develops indie games.
I like your voice so much that I'm going to apply it to a project under development 
Voice tries to apply to fairy :)

Hello, I want to ask permission to use your assets for a  community collab that we have? Thanks!

Of course, go ahead. (Sorry for such a long delay in reply!)